We were honored to receive an Historic Preservation award from Historic Salem, Inc.
A before and after of a section at Old North in Ipswich, MA. We have been working on gravestones at Old North since 2015.
An example of a simple reset in sand and peastone at Broad Street in Salem, MA
Stone cleaning of Veterans stones at Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem, MA.
We are often who people go to when a gravestone is found in an unexpected place.
The Bowditch Stone was found in a garage in Scituate, MA and returned to Salem, MA.
We use gentle materials such as Orvus Paste and D2 and wooden tools and soft brushes when cleaning stones. These are at Old North in Ipswich, MA
We also do very complicated repairs such as Bayard Tuckerman’s Monument at Southside Cemetery in Ipswich, MA. We use mortars like Lithomex that can be color matched.
A lot of stones are broken by trees like this one at Greenlawn in Salem, MA.
Sometimes they need new pass through bases. Like the Symonds Stone in Salem, MA.
Some stones were carved from such fine material that they look new when cleaned. Like this stone at Old North in Ipswich, MA.
Mower damage is another issue. This stone at Howard Street in Salem was both sunken and broken. We had to do a fair amount of infilling of the missing pieces.
Sometimes we are hired by families. This plot is in Saugus, MA.
This monument is that of the first woman to register to vote in Salem, MA. We enjoy researching history.
Sometimes stones are in many pieces. We can repair that like this one at Greenlawn Cemetery in Salem, MA.
Sometimes stone fragments are mixed in with pieces of other stones. We were able to put this back together and locate the footstone the extra fragment went to across the cemetery at Broad Street in Salem, MA

Thank you for taking a look at some examples of repairs we make. I hope you choose us for your historic project!