On the eve of repairing The African American Section of Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, MA

Tomorrow repairs start at Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts. If all goes to plan the gravestone of abolitionists Prince Farmer and Mary A Farmer will be upright and secured by clamps before what is left of Ida comes through tomorrow night.

Through our unique skills, we get to show our admiration for Prince, Mary, Venus, and Samuel (and maybe Patience Jointer if we can find her lost gravestones or get a replacement). We get to not only give a nod to their difficulties and their part in the American story but also the good they did for others who were passing through Salem on their way to freedom.

Josh has been working on his Joe Frogger Cookies (invented by Venus’ sister) for when the repairs are complete.

I have been grateful that the AP has picked up the article that Dustin Luca of the Salem News so thoughtfully wrote about the project because I think it means they won’t be forgotten.

Thank you also to Curtis White, Salem United Inc., the Massachusetts Archaeological Society, the Salem DPW, the Salem Cemetery Commission, Beth Rennard, the Mayor’s Office, Donna Seger, the Peabody Essex Museum Phillips Library, all the researcher on our Facebook Page for their support.

I believe in the healing power of history. How can we heal the present if we don’t properly honor the past?


Rachel Meyer



By definition being inclusive is not divisive

Joshua Gerloff and Rachel Meyer stand in the segregated section of Howard Street Cemetery in Salem, Massachusetts assessing the gravestones to ready for repairs

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